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This listing is for 6  - EMPTY Praxair Compressed Air Cylinders.

Cylinder size: 9" diameter x 60" long ....   Located at our Bad Creek Station in Salem, SC.

These compressed air cylinders were used to maintain the pressure in the new GSU transformers during shipment to the jobsite.

They only had compressed air in them.


Terms:   All Sales are Final.   All Surplus goods are sold AS IS without any Warranty stated or Implied.     Payment is via Paypal or Company / Personal check.  Buyer responsible for arranging the pick-up or shipment of all Items Purchased and the related costs.

Duke Energy personnel will assist with loading equipment onto Buyer's transport. Buyer is responsible for securing the load and for all transportation costs. Proper attire is required as this is a work location: closed toed shoes and long pants.




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