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2,433 total ft

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Material is new and located at the Asset Recovery Unit in Garner, NC.

 Buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements and costs

Cellex® TubeTrace® HT

HPT TM Power-Limiting Heating Cable

Freeze Protection 40°F (5°C). Withstands high temperature continuous steam exposure 750°F (399°C).

TubeTrace® HT is a pre-engineered electric traced tube bundle for steam sample lines and impulse lines to pressure transmitters.

TubeTrace® HT will provide water freeze protection during -50°F (-45°C) 25 mph wind conditions.

HT will withstand continuous steam exposure temperatures up to 750°F (399°C).  Bundles may be purchased in long rolls and “cut-to-length” into smaller sections in the field for any application.

TubeTrace® HT bundles can be controlled with ambient sensing systems that turn heater cables on when outdoor conditions approach freezing.

TubeTrace® HT bundles are designed to withstand continuous 750°F (399°C) steam exposure temperature even when power is applied to the heater cable during ambient conditions to 40°F (5°C), no wind.




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