Thermon Econo Trace Heater Cable (175727)  Classified

2.5 W / Ft. and 5 W / Ft. Insulated Cable

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Posted By:  mwrublewski
Location:  Garner, NC US
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Material has never been used and is located at the Garner, NC Asset Recovery Area

 Buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements and costs

There are 2 type of heater cable available and would prefer to sell as an entire lot.

290 ft. of 2.5 W / ft - Thermon Mfg # TZ-2.5 -BN..   Rated 2.5 W / ft with Tefzel Insulation, 115 VAC.

1007 ft of 5 W / ft - Thermon Mfg. # TZ-5 - BC   Rated 5 W / ft with Tefzel Insulation




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