12" Carbon Steel Pipe A106 & A53B (361228)  Classified

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Posted By:  redunn
Location:  Charlotte, NC US
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Surplus PIPE - Taking Offers !!

We will sell for current scrap market price + 25%.   NO MTRs availabe for this pipe. We have appoximated 460 LF of 12" carbon steel pipe available for sale in Charlotte, NC.   There are 2 types:

8 pcs - 12" x 20 LF Seamless  A106  Std / S40

15 pcs - 12" x 20 LF - Seamless A53 GrB Galvanized Pipe Std / S-40

Duke will Load onto transportation provided by the buyer. Buyer is responsible for ALL shipping costs.
All surplus goods are Sold AS IS without any warranty stated or implied.

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