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Posted By:  mberling
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Duke Energy has five (5) brand new Spools of Wire for sale.  Please view the attached photos. Please contact:  melissa.berling@duke-energy.com with any additional questions.

WIRE WELDING, 0.109" OR 7/64" Diameter, 200 Lb Pack, Open Arc Tubular F/Build-Up Welding Cabot Wrought Production Division

The item is located at Duke Energy's Gibson Station, address is: 1097 N 950 West, Owensville, IN 47665. 

Buyer is responsible for transportation costs. Buyer will be required to sign Duke Energy's surplus sales form (included in this listing) prior to the removal of any equipment.

Payment shall be made via Paypal, check or money order prior to removal of any equipment.

All sales are AS-IS, WHERE-IS.

Please note that Duke Energy reserves the right to remove items from this site at its discretion. 


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